concrete mobile batching plants

The "Core-business" of Marcantonini S.r.l. division is the manufacturing of concrete batching plants MCM for

concrete production

. The realization of these plants requires specific knowledges in the batching field and its mechanical projecting phase, because the metallic carpentery is completed by a very sofisticated holeodynamic, pneumatic and electrical installation. However such complexity does not affect the main features of MCM:
  • Mobile


    The main structure of Mobile Plants MCM is composed of 20' or 40' seacontainers, that allows the easy road-rail and sea transports from one site to another (without the necessity of exceptional transport).

  • Easy erection and disassembly

    Easy erection and disassembly

    The process installation and start up of mobile batching plants can be carried by non-qualified crew, because there are no civil works, and electrical connections with zero nuts and bolts. This system allows the erection and the disassembly with few labor hours and it means that the concrete production can immediatly begins.

  • Stability


    The ISO containers of mobile batching plants can be perfectly coupled: the attacks, which are present on the corners of each container, are suited to be fixed on different vehicles and they can be easily moved from a ship to a wagon or a truck. The containers can be stucked, thanks to these features, giving high stability, safety and strenght to the whole structure.

  • Easy use

    Easy use

    The electrical and hidraulic connections of mobile batching plants are made and tested in, the assembly phase, in the factory to guarantee the overall reliability of the system; therefore it is requested only the connection of industrial plugs to the motors and to the MCM on site (every plug different from each other to make the connection even easier).

  • Automation


    The management of the automation and automatic supervision of the mobile erection has guaranteed by Compumat and it is the highest technological part of the system that allows to manage the structure easily. The batch timing happens briefly and the aggregates, cement, water and chemical admixtures, dosing is extremely accurated; then the presence of moisture probes on the aggregates hoppers and into the mixers support the live measurement of water quantity.

  • Management and control

    Management and control

    Through a light version of the software COMPUMAT installed on a Wi-Fi controller is possible to make a remote management and control of the whole structure. The supervisioning of the mobile plant is supported by a Video Control System with IP cameras installed on the Mixer Stage, on the extracting phase of aggregates, with the opportunity to monitorize from PC, mobile phone and from Wi-Fi controller.


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