mobile batching plants for concrete production

MCM 3.2.45

The MCM 3.2.45 is an automated concrete batching plant to produce high quality mixed concrete. The main structure of this plant is composed of three 8 ft x 40 ft seacontainers, which means it can easily be transported by road, ship or train from one site to another. It is composed by three iron monoblock 8 ft x 40 ft seacontainers, especially studied to be easily carried out and assembled in few hours (even by customer's non-skilled crew), as installation and connection are elementary and fast. The ground seacontainer contains aggregates dosage/weighing system and the intermediated seacontainer includes the aggregates storage (up to 78,47 cu.yd.) and the opening of the loading side is simple and quick. In the upper seacontainer there is the mixer group togheter with cement, water and chemical admixtures dosaging system; there is also an office where the command panel is located.The electrical and hydraulic connections are carried out and tested in the factory to guarantee maximum reliability of the whole system; the costumer's assembly crew are therefore required only to connect the industrial plugs (which are different one from each other making any type of mistake impossible) from the motors to the panel when the system is installed. Managing the plant automation and supervision is the most technologically advanced part of the system and it makes the entire working process of the structure “basic”: the mixing motion takes place in a very short time and the weighing system for aggregates and cement (on request for water and admixtures) is high precision. Optional moisture probes are in the aggregate hoppers and into the mixer which allow the quantity of water to be measured in real time and subsequently corrected. A twin shaft horizontal axis compulsory mixer (MAO) is used, which means the MCM 3.2.45 can reach a maximum production capacity of  high quality concrete of 80 m3 / h (3,3 cu.yd.); the unload height is at 13.45 ft and lets the height to charge truckmixers. The MCM plants can be considerated as modular Plants in fact there is the opportunity to join other two aggregates storage section in a 8 ft x 20 ft seacontainer.

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