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    Water Dosing by Weight

    No. 1 automatic water weighing system for clean water complete with stainless steel plate container, automatic discharge by pneumatic butterfly valve with control limit switch and open/close visual indication. Capacity: 400 l

    Staircase in place of ladder

    Hot galvanized access staircase for the mixer floor instead of access ladder.

    Extra Aggregate Storage

    No. 2 Additional containerize aggregates storage composed as follow:
    - No. 2 x 20 ft high cube container;
    - Aggregates storage 2 x 25 m3. Total aggregates storage 50 m3;
    - No. 1 extracting gate and no. 1 Extracting belt;
    - No. 1 electro-welded reinforced plate weigh batch hopper complete of automatic aggre-gates weighing system by electronic load cells;
    - No. 1 belt conveyor bolted to the weighing hopper to feed aggregates into the first con-veyor belt, complete of steel section framework.

    Predisposition for Aggregates heating system

    No. 3 valves for hot air injection installed on the 3 aggregates hoppers. Piping not included

    Admixtures Dosing System by Volume

    No. 1 automatic dosing system complete with:
    - No. 1 Electronic counter meters 99 pulse/litre (1/2’ diameter);
    - No. 1 Automatic pneumatic discharge valve;
    - No. 1 Admixture pump of 0.55 Kw;
    - Admixtures pumps and pipes from main admixtures collecting tanks at customer's charge.

    Cement Screw Conveyor

    No. 1 cement screw conveyors 219 mm x 10.000 mm to feed powder scale with the following features:
    - Motor: 4 Kw;
    - Capacity: 60 tonh;
    - Complete with electrical connection box.

    Accessories Kit for Cement Silo

    No. 1 automatic aeration system for the cement silos, complete of aeration pads, air reducer solenoid valve for the control, and piping and accessories.
    No. 1 pressure safety valve mounted on the silo roof;
    No. 1 shut-down valve installed prior to the cement screw;
    No. 1+1 Min and max level indicators;
    No. 1 cement filter Silotop dust collectors of 15 m2, dynamic type, positioned on the top of each silo with:
    - Inox AISI 304 external structure;
    - Filter system with cartridges & Air blow cleaning system;
    - Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve & Electrical control board.

    Mixer Washing System

    No. 1 Automatic cleaning unit for no.1 mixer, composed as follows:
    - No.1 High pressure pumping unit, 96 lt/min, 160 bar, with no.2 piston pumps 7.5+7.5 kW, including buffer vessel 500 l and water filter.
    - Mixer high pressure piping water system by distributing valves rack.
    - No.2 Cleaning-heads placed inside the mixer to wash both the peripheral and the mixing arms, with gearbox for rotation. Retractile type with compressed air, to pre-serve the nozzles during the mixing phase.
    - No.1 Manual wand for fine cleaning.

    WiFi Remote Controller

    No. 1 Wi-Fi remote controller for the operations in the automatic control of the mo-bile batching plant.

    Video Control System

    The Video Systems consists of a set of 3 x pcs. Cameras
    - Monitoring screen of the latest generation
    - IP video surveillance systems.

    Moisture and humidity control

    - No. 1 MCT moisture probe mounted on the aggregates extraction (sand);
    - No. 2MCT Moisture probes in the mixer;
    - No. 1 electronic unit processing the signal coming from the sensing probes in two stages calculating the moisture content of the aggregates that have been batched and the moisture content of the aggregates in the mixer;
    - No. 1 software program that control automatically the water batching determining the quantity of water to be deducted from the value set in the mix design according the water content of aggregates that has been monitored by the sensing probes.

    Spare part kit

    No. 1 spare part set for batching plant and lining for mixer (wall & lining) & blades.

    Big-Bags discharger

    The Big-Bags dischargers can be customized on the type and size of bags feeding the plant, manufactured from high-finish-grade materials, they come with or without integrated de-dusting filter unit. Please contact our team for further details.


    No. 1 x 46 m3 HORIZONTAL SILOS to contain and store cement / powders in elec-tro-welded steel plates and reinforced sheet with steel structure and profiles.
    Complete of standard steel section framework, steel pipes for pneumatic loading, ac-cessories for integrated filter and vibrators installation, integrated extracting auger.


    No. 1 x 42 m3 VERTICAL to contain and store cement powders in electro-welded steel plates and reinforced sheet with steel structure and profiles. Complete integrat-ed steel pipes for pneumatic cement loading and jam gate valve at the cone dis-charge. Sand blown, primed and completely painted. Including common access ladder and railing system for roof maintenance, hot galvanized.